Break apart Inform 6 and 7 discussion boards?

Inform 6 and 7 are very different beasts.

Being interested in one of them certainly doesn’t imply you’re interested in the other.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have two different discussion boards?

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Maybe, but it would be a lot of work for not much benefit. And now with tags we can filter language versions like this easier. But we’re always open to suggestions and trying things if that’s what the community wants.


Also, many Inform 7 discussions involve Inform 6 in some way, when some feature cannot be directly be written in I7 or when discussing Inform 7 internals for example. With that in mind, I think it’s better to keep the board the way it is.


We have probably an excess of separate categories on here, though I’m glad to see them all being utilized, especially the very active Technical Discussion and new Education sections.

Please do tag your messages if appropriate! You can click on a tag to display similarly-tagged messages, and regular users can create tags on new posts as appropriate (try to use an existing one before making a new one to avoid duplicates if possible.)

Regulars should also be able to edit the subject line of any existing message on the forum for clarity, move a message to an appropriate category, and apply tags as necessary. Look for the pencil next to the original post.

Edit the subject line and add or create tags as appropriate; existing tags will appear in the field as you type. X to cancel or checkmark to apply.

Behind the scenes, this is why we no longer need individual IFComp discusson forums by year - now all messages are in the IFComp category and can be tagged ifcomp-2018, ifcomp-2017, ifcomp-2018-game (etc.)

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