Borogove: Online editor for Vorple, Inform, Hugo, Dialog and Ink

At the moment yes, unfortunately you can’t upload Vorple games yet.


I believe one route (if you can publish the game with all the necessary components/interpreter) you can upload to and the game should work.


That’s true, if you choose the “Download Web Site” from the Share page it should work as is when uploaded to Itch.


Upgrading PunyInform to v4.1 and the Inform compiler to v6.41 would be welcome.


Hi all,

When I try to compile my Inform7 project I get the following error:

Compilation failed

Could not connect to remote compilation service

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Are there other online tools I could use as backup plan to build and test my Inform7 project?

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Just flagging that I’m getting the same error!

Thanks to everyone who reported this, the compiler service is up again.


Good to see you’re still maintaining the site!

Also, can’t play Z-code games now.

Compiler service down?

Could not connect to remote compilation service

Edit - seems to be working again.

Compiler service down? First I got errors I have not seen before:

Quixe init: Error: The game file length does not agree with the header. The game file length does not agree with the header. Error
The Inform 7 compiler translated the source text without issues into intermediary Inform 6 code, but the Inform 6 compiler could not further translate it into a playable game file.

This error is usually caused by Inform 6 inclusions, either in the source text or in the project's extensions. If you have included Inform 6 code, check the compiler output for the exact error message given by the Inform 6 compiler and see if it refers to the code in the project's Inform 6 inclusions.

And now it says:

Could not connect to remote compilation service

Edit: seems to be working again.

Just stumbled across the app and this feature… This is such a wonderful teaching tool for beginners learning the code - thanks so much!


Hi Juhana, I continue to have fun with this application, many thanks for having developed it. I realized that as configured, my self-hosted version still has to call out to your site for ink compilation–do you have any plans to release the ink compiler service that you host in the same way that you released the inform7 compiler service? Thanks!

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I submitted a PR earlier in the week that allow in-browser compilation, I’m sure Juhana will take a look soon :slight_smile:


I was just reading through that PR! Thank you for your efforts!

I’ve merged smwhr’s PR to the main branch, if you pull that it has the Ink compiler built in so you don’t need the external compiler service anymore. Also remember to update the interpreter to version 2.2.2 (it’s in the remote-assets repository.)

I’ll release the compiler service source code at some point either way in case it’s useful to someone.