Bold death messages in Glulx?

Hello everyone,

I recently found a strange bug in my game: the *** You have died *** banner and similar messages wouldn’t appear bold. I eventually tracked it down the the Glulx compilation setting, and a bit of testing showed that even a project as simple as “When play begins: end the story” would appear in roman type when compiled for Glulx.

Is this a problem with the compiler or the interpreter? Using the standard bold and roman type tags works fine.

The death banner uses the “alert” style in Glulx. The bold type tag uses “subheader”. So I guess that your interpreter is set up to display “alert” with no special font attributes.

(At a quick glance, Gargoyle displays “alert” as bold-italic, and the Mac IDE does the same.

This might be a weird default, or you might have changed a preference somewhere. Or maybe the body font you’re using doesn’t have a bold-italic variant.

Thanks, Zarf. Right now I’m just using the interpreter built into Inform for testing, I think it’s a version of Git. Is there a way to change the style from within the story?

Yes, but it’s probably better not to mess with it. The API for style adjustment is awkward and will someday be phased out in favor of something else. And since players will not be playing in the Inform IDE, you wouldn’t gain much anyway.

Okay, good to know. Thanks!