Boat Prom

What’s worse than getting dumped by your pity date at prom? How about being stuck on a boat with him all night as he makes out with the girl you have a crush on? It’s enough to make Elizabeth want to jump overboard. But instead she’s trapped here at prom for the next three hours — and for some reason the annoying meddler who ruined her two best chances at love just won’t leave her alone.

:sailboat: :confetti_ball: :sparkling_heart:

Hey all! BOAT PROM is out now. It’s an interactive story about gay teens falling in love on a boat, featuring art by Beck Kubrick. It’s a short spin-off sequel to Birdland. (Because I figured, what better time to a release a game than right in the middle of IFComp when everyone’s distracted by a hundred other games?)

You can play it here:

ifdb here:

Hope you like it!!