Board Version Update - 8/27/2012 7:00-8:00 PM CST

The forum will be offline tonight, for a few minutes sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 Central, while I run the 3.0.11 update. This usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

You’re doing a great job here, installing security updates is just about the most boring thing you can do.

(while adding new features is slightly more fun, so, um… Dare I mention the tapatalk thing once more? … ugin=phpbb)

Sorry for nagging.

If he mentions tapatalk, I mention ForumRunner. Cheers!

The update is finished.

I don’t remember talking about Tapatalk or ForumRunner before; but I tend to forget things easily. I would need to check them out. I briefly looked at Tapatalk’s page, and it looks like it’s pretty expensive if you buy it. Not sure what the benefits are for the free version, or even what it’s for. Looks to be some kind of iPhone app?

We installed ForumRunner on our little private forum, which allows us to use the ForumRunner mobile app to access the forum. Only the app costs a small amount, installing it in the forum was free if I remember correctly. But I’m not sure how it works exactly…

Is it something like this?

This is the website:

Installing Tapatalk is free anyway. I installed it on the ADRIFT forum if you want to have a play and see how it appears in the app.

I like RealNC’s suggestion! A free mobile theme is much better than something for some commercial app.

In a Richard Stallmann spirit, I wholeheartedly agree, although I must say that the Forum Runner app is pretty comfortable.

If you don’t have tapatalk on your mobile, you get a message everytime you open a tapatalk-ready forum prompting you to get it. Gets a bit tiresome.

Yeah, I will be sad if the forum starts behaving differently on the iPad. My experience is that “mobile versions” of web sites are carefully tuned to break them in my browsers. Opt-in alternatives, please.