blurry fonts on windows terps

I don’t know what MS messed up this time around, but fact is that at least two terps I tested have been running with terribly annoying blurry fonts on the latest Windows, these being Gargoyle and and filfre. They both seem to use Glk for presentation.

I could always go back to Linux of course, all problems solved to me. But Windows is that default piece of buggy virus that comes with every pc so, hey, perhaps some people are stuck with it and won’t have a good time with parser-based terps and will resort to twine, choice of games or worse…

on a more positive note, it seems most online terps are running quite fine: Parchment for zcode, Quixe for Glulx and some bizarre server-side solution for TADS3 games (but not old tads classics)

BTW, Counterfeit Monkey runs without the fine map on Quixe… but I very much prefer running with legible text and without a map

Maybe make sure ClearType is on? (Or off as the case may be…)

haven’t seen that option on the gargoyle config file or in filfre’s config screen

I’ve played with other fonts, TrueType, made them larger and it’s still a blurry mess when previously it was just great. I don’t think software years old stop working for no reason: it’s clear MS broke something that hurt legacy software.

Playing on browser is fine, perfect font rendering, perfect resize (except for parchment and fixed line widths on mobile screens)

Sounds like a DPI thing? Try right-clicking the exe file, and under Compatibility tick “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

ClearType is a windows option, I think in display properties.

oh, I’ll try these out later, thanks

still, it does not bode well that they look horrible by default on new Windows releases

on a related note, I know feel really dumb

after months of struggling with an annoying proxy at work, I just realized I can actually simply download a zip with Parchment from the google code page (no exe!) and run games straight from IFArchive with it :astonished:

life sometimes is simpler than make it out to be…

If there’s a zip at Google code it’s going to be really old. Get it from Github instead.

There’s the Download Zip button

I believe GitHub generates a zip for the code on the fly.

Yep that’s right.

you nailed it, dude :astonished:

works for both gargoyle e filfre

what a lameass option, MS