Blood & Laurels on an iPad mini 4?


I just got a new iPad mini 4 and one of the first things I installed was Blood & Laurels. Sadly it crashes when I start the app. Has anyone successfully run it on a iPad mini (4)?


I’ve run it on a Mini, though not a 4; it was a little slow and crashy even so.

The circumstances of B&L’s release effectively prevent any further development or maintenance on it, alas.

I’ve run it on a Mini 3 without much incident.

Hm, I returned the mini and got a regular iPad Air 2 (running iOS 9) and it still crashes …

It’s been crashing on my iPad 3 since iOS8 or so.

There’s no obvious correlation here – I don’t know what’s different between the people it works for and the people it doesn’t work for – so this would have to be debugged by the original developer. Unfortunately, as maga says, this isn’t likely.

Yes, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do about this myself. Since we are not in a position to fix it and this appears to be a problem for an increasing number of players, I’ve asked that it be withdrawn from the app store, and I expect that that will happen in a few days’ time.

Oh what a pity. I hope someone, somehow, is archiving it.

That’s really sad news. It was such a great piece of work.
@Emily: Do these “circumstances” affect the release of Bramble House as well?


It does, yeah. When things are sorted out, I’ll overhaul the Versu site to make it into more of a storage spot for past papers and related materials.

:double frowny face:

(To be clear, I’m not trying to cast blame on anyone for anything here, I’m just sad that this project won’t be able to proceed any farther.)

The “circumstances” were those LindenlabsHadRightsOnVersuThing, am I right?


It’s a combination of things, really, some of which are defined by a contract I’m not allowed to discuss. The very short version is that I don’t myself have the resources to develop it further and that various legal, financial, and practical constraints make it infeasible to get those resources from outside. There’s no villain here, and those involved in the project have given it a lot of thought and discussion.

There are, however, lessons learned from doing Versu that I hope to take forward into some of my future work.