Blanking out stored actions in a table

I’m having trouble blanking out entries in a table that has stored actions in it. Thus:

[code]Table of Frank
rank proverb
1 the action of jumping
2 the action of singing
3 –
4 the action of waiting
5 the action of looking
6 –

Lab is a room. Franking is an action applying to nothing. Understand “Frank” as franking.

Carry out franking:
repeat through the Table of Frank:
say the rank entry;
if there is a proverb entry:
try the proverb entry;
blank out the proverb entry;
say “nothing”.

Test me with “frank/frank”.[/code]

The second time through, everything should come up nothing, shouldn’t it? But it doesn’t – the proverb entry doesn’t seem to get blanked out. If the second column is text, something similar works, so it seems like it’s specific to stored actions.

(I also was having a problem with a test to see if the stored action entry was blank, but that didn’t reproduce in this small code, so I’ll poke around a little to see what caused that.)

Looks like a bug in Inform to me, so I think you should report it.

(For a moment I thought that maybe blanking out wasn’t possible for kinds which have a non-trivial default value, but this turns out not to be the case: you can blank out directions, for instance, so you should also be able to blank out stored actions.)

Thanks, will do. (I couldn’t reproduce the other problem I had, so it was probably some mistake I was making in the code.)