Black Rock City by Jim Munroe, review by Ruber Eaglenest

The real Burning Man.

Mobile friendly: Surprisingly yes. By accident. Texture always has the whole text in the screen, so the more longer, smaller and unreadable in mobile (read a my The Queen Menagerie comment for more on the topic, at Chandler’s postmortem). But Black Rock City has very short paragraphs, and a beautiful layout and color scheme, and because of that it is pleasant to play on mobile.

General: Well written and curious game about Burning Man festival with a very broad CYOA structure (Cave of Time). But a miss a lot of verbs and interactions to fill my curiosity. And the game left me somewhat cold. It is ok, well written and interesting.

Score: Recommended with little reservations.

I copy the text about texture here for commodity:

Said that, I think texture would benefit a lot of proper scroll interface for mobile, with the verbs stored in a different frame or something. And of course a better interface for desktop, with click, select, and use, instead of drag and drop.