Birmingham IV

A long parser-based game that’s a revision and expansion of a late-80s work. I’ve posted a review of it on my blog.

I’ve managed to get quite deep into this game, but I have yet to reach either of the “good” endings within sight. As a rough statement of my progress: I know how to acquire the golden collar, golden mask, crown, and sceptre. I have seen,and changed the location of the golden apple, but I have not acquired it. I have obtained the oar and the football. I have found a mandrake root growing up north somewhere. My problem is getting the bird charm where the mandrake root is. The oar and football can float to just two locations away, but that’s not close enough, and I can’t attach the charm to either of those anyway, not even with the ribbons.
So, yay or neigh, can anyone help me?

I’m not anywhere near as far as David Welbourn. Here are some of my questions.

On the bridge:

Is it possible to get the axe from Walter the Woodcutter? I know you can have the cat eat him, but then the axe wants revenge.

In the village:

[spoiler]How do I get the football?

How do I open the door to the church tower?[/spoiler]
On the road east of the village:

What do I do with the dwarf?

In the woods:

What should I do once inside the elf mound?

Re: bridge: Yes, it is possible to get the Axe, and the cat eating Walter is just the first step. You’ll need a spell to keep the Axe from attacking you, a spell that’s somewhere in the church.

Re: village: This is a hard one to figure out, but the first step is realizing that the water butt outside the Talbot Arms is portable, once you take all the junk out of it.

Re: church: Did you look at the bell pull rope or do anything else with it?

Re: road east of the village:The only way I know how to deal with the dwarf is how I dealt with, uh, several other people. Gulp. However, if you never examine his slab, he doesn’t show up in the first place.

Re: in the woods: Elves don’t like cold iron, so bring them the largest thing made of cold iron available.

Thank you, David! I’ll run with these, and if I get far enough to answer some of your other questions I’ll follow up.

ah, I managed to find a way past where I was stuck. I can continue!

Update at 3:35 am, Friday: I have finished this game! Hooray! That took some effort.

I take it we can look forward to one of your excellent walkthroughs appearing soon? :wink:

I can’t think of a game where a Welbourn walkthrough would be more appreciated.

Thank you for the kind words. A new walkthrough for Birmingham IV now exists at Share and enjoy.