Birdland popularity

This tumblr post introducing people to Birdland has 11,449 notes. Tumblr now has dozens of screenshots and fan art pics for this game, as well as general discussion posts.

Birdland may have lost the battle, but I think it will win the war.

I have had a Tumblr account since 2011, but the interface is abominable. Trying to scroll through the notes of a popular post is an exercise in frustration. Do you have a link to any of the fanart or whatnot that you thought was cool?

This should get you closer:


My only goal in life is to have Tumblr fan art and shipping for one of my stories.

I’d love to see some Deadline Enchanter fanart. That would be pretty interesting…

I can’t do fanart, but I can start a filk for you:

Cheer up sleepy Joe,
Oh what do you know
When a Deadline Enchanter
Meets a homecoming Faux.

I’m deeply honored bows

Okay I was going to save this for the postmortem thread but YOU GUYS THE FANART IS ADORABLE AAAH

If you’ve got the teenage fanbase, it don’t matter what Siskel and Ebert say.

“Postmortem” sounds like such a dreary contrast to young love, it’s probably all for the best [emote]:P[/emote]

(Although it does sound somewhat detective-y. Maybe Bell would approve.)

Of all the games Birdland is the most likely to become a crossover hit. I don’t know if videogames have agents but if they do you should look for one. I could see this story being developed into an episodic game that would be freaking huge, particularly since it captures so much of the Life is Strange vibe without really being derivative of it in any way. It just needs to get in front of the right people.

Completely agree with Steph. This could well take off.

Just don’t lose your roots, man; when you’re big and all, man, tell them that IFComp is what got you big. Tell them… tell them… (whispers fade away)…(even if it’s not entirely true)

I agree 100%. And with enough word-of-mouth I think Brendan could kickstart this into a series without even needing an agent or a publisher. I’d definitely back it.

Stories, particularly in games, that treat queer youth as real characters that can be the protagonists of their own stories are, sadly, exceedingly rare. So it’s unsurprising that a certain demographic latches on to them when they’re really good and offer representation.