Beyond the Chiron Gate

I’ve just launched Beyond the Chiron Gate, a text-based space exploration roguelike made with Twine!

Beyond the Chiron Gate is a spiritual successor to Seedship. It’s my first paid game, and is priced at $10 USD but is 20% off for the first week.


Oh, you’re the author who also did ‘Industrial Accident!’ I’d played that little romp awhile ago after running across it in the wild on Itchio, and the name had slipped my memory- though I did recognize it while going through your backlog on Itchio out of curiosity. It was a fun, sort of disturbing, classically predictable science fiction-y robot uprising-y game, with cool audio detailing and tiny touches like attention to colour shifting and code updates that helped sell the whole experience. Very neat.

If Beyond the Chiron Gate is in a similar vein, I’d expect it to be a fun action jammed adventure that scratches an itch for classic space science-fiction with a sleek interface making for a smooth playing experience. I’m not super into action-y exploration-y games myself, but for people who like that sort of thing, I’d recommend trying it out based on the author’s previous works. Especialy since it’s on sale, that’s fun!

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