Betatesters and proofreaders (sorta) needed for PunyJam game


I’m 3/4 to the endgame and I’m a bit behind schedule. So I’m looking for someone to help me test the ready part of the game, knowing that it will still take about ten days to see the ending. (I’m trying to overlap the work because otherwise I’ll miss the deadline)

The game is a Z5 in Inform6 (of which I am absolutely not a Master Programmer), as per my usual story-driven style, with some old-fashioned puzzles. The protagonist is an as****le, so the game is for an adult audience: there is a lot of swearing and it revolves around themes… not suitable for children. Imagine a sci-fi horror.

I need testers, but also native speakers who can find any strange phrasings and straighten them.

If anyone wants to help me, send me a DM or write to minnocenti(at) and I’ll forward the file to them.

Thank you, young people!



I’m just about finished mine, so I’ve got time to test yours. I’ll send you a DM in a moment.

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