Beta version of A-code tutorial is now available

A couple of years ago I published documentation of the A-code language ( invented by Dave Platt for his 550 expansion of the original Adventure and subsequently enhanced by myself for further expansions. It was suggested to me at the time that this should be accompanied by a tutorial. It took me a while, but a beta version of such tutorial is now also available via the same documentation page. It is structured around an implementation of Roger Frith’s demo game “The Cloak of Darkness”.

Any comments, criticisms and constructive suggestions are very welcome.


Thank you very much! Documentation can be difficult to complete, but it is invaluable for later users. Still blows my mind to think this stuff is almost 45 years old.


This seems reasonably easy to follow once you realise that most of the commands are abbreviations.

It might be worth mentioning why the word “apport” is used to move objects though, as it is an unusual term and not an abbreviation AFAIK.

Links to the definitions at Wikipedia or Collin’s Dictionary might help.

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Fair point. I’ll just note Platt’s little joke, rather than relying on an external link. Done now. Also fixed a number of typos and missing words throughout the tutorial.

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