Beta Texting: Looking for Native English checker for Gent Stickman's long text


I have been working in a long text talking about the creation of my ParserComp 2022 entry “Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand”.

I will post it in this forum, but I’m afraid that perhaps the “fresh and charming Spanish flavour” I put in the English of all my messages could be perhaps “too cool” for such a long text.

So I’m searching for someone that would like to read it and correct the grammatical creativity ( errors ) on it. You know the rules for this kind of things:

The rules...


As a long text, perhaps the task would be a bit time demmanding, so I can perfectly understand if there are no voluntaries for this. At worst, I’d just post it as-is, being mainly understandable, but without that serious thick-spectacles language required for this kind of game review.

The text will not be fully finished perhaps until Sunday, so you have time to think on it, consult with your wife/husband/cat, or ask for hollydays at work for full time dedication.

Remember: A game without text need a lot of text as explanation!


I think your posts DO have charming Spanish flavour. But I’d be happy to look over your writing if you want to DM it to me. I’m a pretty good editor.


I am also editor (part of the time). @AmandaB has this project covered, but if there are any other writers here in a similar situation as @parsercommander, I would be happy to help. You can send me a DM.