Beta testing 'Nosedive' IF using chatgpt

I am writing an IF thriller called Nosedive. The game is currently approx 1hr game time and I am aiming to increase this to 4hrs. I am using chatgpt - a lot of the effort is currently on keeping the narrative on-track. I am looking for beta tester volunteers pls :slight_smile: you will need an existing chatgpt account, I use pro but finding out what is and is not required is part of this process.

What kind of game is it? Parser? Choice-based? How are you incorporating ChatGPT into the game? You say it’s only 1/4 of the total planned playtime—how much of the game is actually playable/tester-ready?

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This is chatgpt so it’s a parser. The game is entirely within gpt and playable now.

Sure, I’d be willing to check it out. I won’t be able to play it immediately, but I can definitely take a look.