Beta testing for Ghetto Grind

I’m publishing news about Ghetto Grind in its own thread in Game Announcements, but I’ve just released beta 1 release and I need some testers to get feedback, so I can make this game better, probably fix some bugs you encountered etc.
For whose don’t know yet: Its about the journey of a young black male who wants to get out of the hood, in an environment of a long and violent gang war who also took his father and his elder brother from him. With his mother being already absent, he is really alone in the home and he has to make himself a living. He has to grind for better jobs to increase his stability, but also has to participate in some good gangsters’ attempt to clean the hood.

Here’s the link to the game

> search fridge
You can’t search it.

Man, is that what’s supposed to happen?

Also, got this responses inside the house:

> x walls
I can’t see that.

> x floor
I can’t see that.

> x ceiling
I can’t see that.

Also this:

> x garbage
A rusty garbage bin.
> open bin
I can’t see that.

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> x man
I can’t see that.

When there is literally only one individual man (besides me) in my location.

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I didn’t assign a “search” command inside a game and any ideas to connect walls, floors and ceilings with story came to me, I went straight forward to action😄

For garbage bin case, you have to write the command like “open garbage bin” or “open garbage”.

As of beta 0.4.06, the game doesn’t have an object with “man” alias.

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the IF community! I’ll take as much possible ideas as I can from your feedback and seek a way to integrate them into the game.

EDIT: For the case with fridge, it will list items it contains automatically, when you open it so I don’t think “search” command is needed there. But I think it could add a little flavour to the plot in later stages.

you have a BASKETBALLER. if a name is that long, there has to be some kind of shortening.

A few more strange phenomena I encountered:

  1. Pasta in food store and all the weaponry in gun shop seem to be possible to be taken for free.
  2. Southeast exit of gun shop doesn’t work.

And the next one is a feature suggestion rather than a bug report: it would be cool to be able to go [out] of shops, in addition to already existing directions of exit.

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A lot of things seem to be possible to be taken for free, due to incomplete coding of that behaviour. That’s a good reminder, I’m going to fix it.

The “go out” case was something I’m thinking about for a long time, replacing those “southeast, northeast, east” etc. exits. Because, by logic, you’re actually INSIDE of somewhere at that time and the only thing you can do is going out, right? :smiley:

That basketball situation needs a better fix I think. Making “playing basketball” a “command” instead of a thing associated with basketballer will improve the experience. Writing “play basketball basketballer” is really too long to play basketball, you’re right to an extent.

Thanks for further feedback again.

BETA 2 (beta 0.4.10) is released.
It adds an unfinished shopping center (only mall and cinema are active) to north avenue, playing arcade at bar, some fixes to missions, first impressions to various rooms/objects etc.

To advance this game you can use the link in post #1.