Beta Testing EctoComp Game

I’ve expanded my 2014 EctoComp game, and I’m looking for beta testers. It is a Halloween-themed horror mystery done in Inform, with one puzzle (essentially the whole game) that involves looking at different monitors. Each playthrough is approximately 10-15 minutes. I’m particularly interested in whether or not the different storylines are clear, so mechanics aren’t going to be the focus.

I’m not in a hurry. I’m hoping to publish in June, so any feedback before the end of the month would be good.

If you’re interested, please contact me through PM or e-mail.


I’m looking for some further beta testing of this game. I now have two versions: glulx and squiffy (hypertext). The glulx version has had some testing, and the squiffy version certainly needs some feedback, especially on the visual elements. I’m interested in feedback on either. I’m hoping that they will be eligible for the backgarden of Spring Thing in April.


I’d love to take a look at a finished Squiffy game. PM (or you probably have my email.)

I could still use some beta testers, especially for the glulx version.

“. . . I like how the text shifts around and morphs as you click . . . and again how the text changes, it’s very alive and moving, this is a really good use of Squiffy’s capabilities . . .” Hanon on the beta version.

Anyone at least a little curious?