Beta Testers Wanted- Testers Found!

Hello, hello.
The dreaded time has arrived. I have a working (no, really, I swear, it works) draft of a game I’m thinking about entering into Spring Thing.
It’s based on a mishmash of many Grimm’s fairy tales, it’s maybe 2 hours long (according to my one tester), and it’s violent. Anyone who has read the original version of the Grimm tales should know that the violence can be funny, and it can also be awful. The violence is totally in line with Grimm-tale-level violence.

It also Makes A Point, which is something I’m a little worried about and why I’m getting this tested so early. It could well be that no one needs this Point made. I have a feeling I may need to rewrite some sections of it, so I hope anyone who takes this on will feel free to make sweeping condemnations and suggest revisions.

Also, it’s light on the puzzles and heavy on the fiction. I think there’s one actual puzzle in it, which I don’t think is very hard. My goals here were to do lots of NPCs and conversation, and to have multiple endings, and I have made good on that.

I know that what everyone wants for a holiday gift is a long parser game to beta test, so you are all very welcome. DM or email me if interested (a lot of you poor folks who I’ve suckered into testing previously have my email).


Thanks, folks! I have enough testers for a first round.