Beta Testers Wanted For Short ADRIFT game

Hi all,

I have written a short ADRIFT game primarily to test what programming is required to create a multi-character game and require Beta Testers, on Windows and MacOS machines.

The game is called BUG HUNT ON MENELAUS and continues on from THE EURIPEDES ENIGMA which I released recently and entered in the 2022 ParserComp (which did quite well IMO).

Captain Mike Erlin and his squad of space marines have landed on the planet Menalaus where a hostile species of bugs are threatening the local population. These bugs, called Meneltra, spawn thousands of larvae called Zarbi which feed on the eggs of the avian humanoids. Two regiments of marines have been decimated by the Meneltra, which spit highly corrosive saliva that melts the impervium of space armour.

You have one hour to kill all the remaining Meneltra before they spawn. You must play the game as each of the 6 characters in order to complete the game.

If you are interested in testing this game, please send me a PM.

Many thanks for reading this.