Beta Testers wanted for Learning to Be Human (Anti-bullying)

I’m working on a request from an English-speaking school in South Korea, but the game is publicly available. This is a smaller project (40,000 words) that’s just missing an extra polish pass, so it’s a good time to get other eyes on this thing.

The game is part of an anti-bullying campaign within the school, so any feedback goes towards helping bolster a good cause. The player is an android tasked with learning the nuances of human behavior from actual students, and needless to say, the android has serious thoughts about the ways people treat each other, along with helpful advice. I’m also trying to use British English for this game.

I’d especially like for the dialogue to sound authentic (read: not corny) and for the situations to feel real. I’d love feedback about that, along with any other bugs, mistakes, writing issues, etc. Go ahead and comment here, or send notes to

Here’s a link to the game: Learning to Be Human

Thank you for the help!

I’ll certainly check it out!

I’ll have a look too!

Thanks, I appreciate the help!


Ebullience aside, while I haven’t played more than the very beginning yet, “Kim” came up twice as a potential last name.