Beta Testers Required for 'To Hell in a Hamper' - Glulx Port

Hello there,

I require one or two beta-testers to test the Glulx port of my game To Hell in a Hamper.

Previous experience of the game is not necessary, though it should be noted that I do not intend to make any significant changes to game play or story. The main aim to to ensure that it plays just as the previous TADS 2 version did and that nothing is broken. I have made one or two very minor improvements over the TADS 2 version.

Send me a message via PM or email at jason[dot]guest[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested.

Many thanks,

J. J. Guest

I didn’t get any volunteers for this, but if I could get just one I would be very grateful. I’m hoping to turn the new version into an app in the near future.

Jason Guest

A big thank you to the four lovely people who volunteered their beta-testing services. I have enough testers now, thank you!

This game is a truly wonderful and well-written puzzle box. If you enjoy old school text adventure humor/logic, definitely give the new version a play if you haven’t experienced it before!

AllanTIg, I think you’ve posted this in the wrong thread.

Thanks HanonO! The new version will be released soon.