Beta Testers Required for Sci-Fi adventures

Hi all,

I have just finished re-programming the third in a series of three games that were originally released for the Sinclair Spectrum computer back in the 1990’s. These are:

[b]MAGNETIC MOON: Your spaceship, the “Stellar Queen”, has been dragged out of space onto the surface of a moon by a giant tractor beam and trapped there. Can you find the installation from where the beam has been fired and free your ship from the grip of the “Magnetic Moon”?!

STARSHIP QUEST: Having freed your ship from the grip of the “Magnetic Moon”, the “Stellar Queen” is now heading away from the moon and its mother planet. You were given two mysterious discs by the priestess Jaelaine, which she described as the “keys to the universe”, and you are convinced that the secret of these discs lies on the mother planet of the moon. Can you get off the ship and down to the planet before the “Stellar Queen” goes into hyperspace?!

REVENGE OF THE SPACE PIRATES: The priestess Jaelaine, whom you met on the “Magnetic Moon” Psia, has been kidnapped by members of the same gang of space pirates who had manned the base on the moon. You are charged with the task of tracking her down and rescuing her.
The games have all been written using ADRIFT 5 and all need playtesting before I can release them. A financial reward of €50 will be paid to any playtester who successfully playtests the whole of any of these games to my satisfaction.

Please send me a PM if you are interested in playtesting these games.

Many thanks and a Happy New Year!

I’d like to, but I’m not using Windows. I’m on Mac OS X, and let’s just say the ADRIFT runner and OS X don’t get along that well. Big fan of your work though, Larry. I just wish I could play them without a bloody emulator.