Beta testers needed for Adult mystery game

Sept 14th, 2023

Hi everyone. I have written an Inform 7 murder mystery detective game set in a Downton Abbey style English manor and I need beta testers.

Except that this game features very mature content.

I have a female protagonist detective who can get dressed, get undressed, go swimming, get killed while swimming, take a shower, have sex, get killed after sex, fight monsters in a dungeon, manufacture drugs, take drugs, and be a drug mule.

The mysteries she is trying to solve include finding kidnapped kitchen maids, finding a serial killer, finding an international drug lord, and recovering a magic necklace.

My last beta testers liked the game, but felt I should be more upfront about telling people about the mature content. I made about 100 bug fixes based on their feedback, but they still didn’t get very far.

If you are interested, please Private Message me. I would like over 18 year old adults only. Thank you.


Content warnings are usually appreciated in the IF community - especially if the mature elements might surprise someone who thinks they’re settling down for a Cozy British Mystery Story, and especially if the mature sections are required plot points to solve/finish the game.

One potential addition if it doesn’t wreck your story is a pre-game “maturity” toggle which if invoked either doesn’t allow the character to choose mature plot points (like disabling the “have sex verb” completely) or just provides alternate “fade out/fade-in” summaries. “Their garments tumbled to the floor and hours passed as they engaged in behaviour much too inappropriate to detail here…


The “maturity toggle” (a serious one, not like that of Leather goddesses of Phobos…) is an interesting idea, I’m actually toying with it for my major WIP…

My apologies for hijacking Steve’s request, and I suggest moving these two replies in the authoring/general category, after all, after the debate on IF Archive and copyright, I appreciate the usefulness of an intense opinion-based debate for cooling off during the IFComp coding season… :wink:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.