Beta-testers for Twine game for Ectocomp

I could use a couple of beta-testers for a medium-length Twine game (maybe 20-30 min for one successful playthrough?) for Ectocomp. I know I’m not going to get anything very thorough at this point, but if anyone can manage to take a run or two through it before the deadline, I’d appreciate it. It is a conversation-focused game with no traditional puzzles (but it is definitely possible to fail).

In addition to typos/bugs/formatting issues, there are a couple things I would like to hear about:

  • I want it to be difficult to reach 8:30 PM with less than 20 Discomfort, but not overly difficult to get Discomfort below 20 by the end of the game (and not too easy to hit the maximum of 40 Discomfort without trying). Are you finding all these things to be the case, or does the balance need tweaking? (I suspect I might need to make it easier, in one way or another, to remove Discomfort, but it’s hard to be sure without the input of players who don’t already know what all the choices lead to.)

  • Is there anything that seems underexplained or doesn’t make sense? I’ve tried to be aware of where someone with different frames of reference than me might need a bit of explanation, but I’m sure I’ve overlooked some things.

If interested, send me a private message listing the e-mail address you would like the game sent to. Sorry for the last-minute request–I really thought I was going to get this into shape sooner, but I’ve had health issues recently and it just takes me so much longer to do anything than it should. (Someday I’ll get back to IFComp voting/reviewing, too…)