Beta testers for Nightmare in Silicon Valley

I have a game “Nightmare in Silicon Valley” and am looking for a couple of beta testers.

The story is set in the world of the mysterious Banana Corporation (makers of the fashionable and popular high tech gadgets like the Banana Phone, Banana Watch, etc…), where you are employed as a developer on the “Add More Widgets” project. One lonely late night, stuck in the office coding away, an innocent trip to the upstairs cafeteria for a coffee leads to a extraordinary discovery.

The game plays as an audiobook on your mobile phone. (You’ll need the somewhat less fashionable but more common iPhone.) You control your character with gestures, and after a few moves you won’t need to look down at the screen to make the next move, so the game can be enjoyed as you would when listening to a podcast or audiobook. (Perhaps while relaxing on the couch, walking the dog, riding the subway, or any way you please.)

My writing certainly won’t appeal to some, but I’m also keen for feedback on the game mechanics itself. I initially used a series of gestures to provide maximum choice for the player (mimicking traditional text parser games) but with most early testers dropping out without getting too far, I have stepped back to a choice-based system, although I have tried to preserve the exploratory and puzzle-solving elements using the story narrative instead.