Beta testers for "maybe make some change"

So, I realized a little too late that the timing of this is awful (what with IF comp and all) but… anyone want to do some last-minute testing?

I’m about ready for a public release of the piece I showed a prototype of in the IF Demo Fair earlier this year (it was called “what if im the bad guy” at that point). It’s based on a sad true story set in the war in Afghanistan, so don’t be expecting a fun romp, but it’s also fairly short and should be playable in 15-30 minutes. I’m mainly looking for technical, “does it work right” feedback, although higher-level comments are always welcome. It will be released in two forms: a browser-based version using fancy bells and whistles, and a simpler Glulx port (but still using multimedia). Testing on both or either version is appreciated.

Please PM or e-mail if you’re interested, and thanks very much in advance.

I would be happy to take a look if you would like. My email address is luteinhawthorne (at) gmail dot com, or I can be reached here on the forum.

Thanks for the offer! The game has actually already launched at, but if you see any bugs in the released version, please let me know. :slight_smile: