Beta testers for 'Lulu and the Asteroid of 100% Guaranteed Doom'

Like every cat owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet stays safe from things like busy roads, dogs, and extinction level asteroid impacts. This is a call to arms!.. and possibly paws.

Hello! This game is probably easy for most players. I wrote it for my children and they have enjoyed playing it. If anyone else would like to play it and help me get it into shape I would be very appreciative! This is my first game, made with Inform 7.

Thank you in advance!


Love the title. I reckon this would be a good game to enter in Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024. It would just need a tutorial. If interested, submissions close on 30 April 2024.


Hey Garry! I hadn’t considered competitions, I will look into it. Thank you!


That’s already a win. Make it even more children-friendly by adding a tutorial and that can be ready for Text Adventure Literacy Jam, since all of the games there are designed to be beginner friendly. We always need new blood for these sort of things.

And sign me up, I’ll try to tackle this in the middle of my Spring Thing reviews!

Edit: was meant to say beginner-friendly, but I was trying to reply to Zeth at the same time.


Congratulations on completing your first game :blush: I’d love to volunteer as well!

The Text Adventure Literacy Project aimed to encourage youngsters to play text adventures and the first Text Adventure Literacy Jam tried to encourage child-friendly games.

In the second year, the emphasis was beginner-friendly (rather than child-friendly), preferably not scary and content warnings had to be provided if there was any bad language.

In the third and fourth year, we were a little more relaxed. We continued with the requirements for beginner-friendly and content warnings. Child-friendly is still encouraged, but not a requirement. My game this year is not suitable for little kids due to the adherence to Japanese mythology, culture and traditions during the Edo period.

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