Beta testers and first impression testers wanted for "Phoney Island"

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some (closed) beta testers for my game “Phoney Island”.

It’s a satirical Interactive Fiction about a whole island full of lunatics who indulge in their wishful thinking. The game features among others:

  • A whole island full of lunatics
  • 4 game chapters with maximum escalation
  • 3 levels of reality that you can switch between - at least sometimes
  • Parser-based input plus multiple choice dialogs (If you want: completely playable with multiple choice)
  • Extensive questbook with graduated help system
  • Adjustable screen layout
  • German and English switchable
  • An experimental illustration mode with simple AI-generated illustrations for the locations

“Phoney Island” currently only runs under Windows and is an executable program. The system behind it is a homebrew of mine.

The game has a rather weird humor, is quite extensive, from the gameplay point of view reasonably well pretested (thanks to some German-speaking testers), but not perfect, and from the English point of view definitely still needs improvement (translation with AI and a lot of customization).
I’m happy about everyone who looks in and gives some feedback!

To avoid confusion: This is the completed and developed version of this game here: Phoney Island - Details. MathBrush demanded several improvements in his review, which I hope I can deliver here.


Sorry, I don’t use PC, it’s a pitty, this game looks awesome.


Hello Jade, if a Mac version would make you happy: I’m currently working on it. But that will take some more time.


I almost only play on my tablet or even sometimes on an ipad.

Well, ok, tables/ipad are also on my plate.

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¿Does your game run on iPad?

Currently only Windows is supported, but I do my very best to change that.

I’m working on a different version for a different UI system. Once this is sucessfully done, the game should run - beyond Windows - on Mac, Android and iOS.

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I will be pleased of testing the game on either ios and Android system. Let’s remain connected.

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Good news for everyone here on the forum: Even though the beta testers are lined up from here to the moon, there are still more free places, even for people who just want to have a look into the game and maybe don’t feel like testing a possibly not so small game. For those who have a somewhat quirky sense of humor, like to talk to strange people, and love to solve offbeat puzzles (which isn’t that hard, thanks to very detailed built-in help), “Phoney Island” has the right thing to offer.

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