Beta tester for an IFComp entry [previously: Alpha]

(Is one allowed to ask for alpha testers in the beta testing forum?)

I’ve been working on a game for this year’s IFComp, and while I’ve finished the main through-line (in Emily Short’s sense) I could use some early feedback as I flesh it out. I’d be really interested in having someone play through it and offer first impressions and high-level feedback. (Though if all goes well, I’ll hopefully be back asking for Beta testers sometime closer to the deadline!)

The premise of the game involves ritual magic and a well-known Scandinavian furniture store. It’s parser-based, in Inform 7, probably Zcode if continues to fit, and is (currently) quite short.

If you’re interested in helping out, send me a message! If all goes well I should have an initial build for you by early August.


We’re getting down to the wire here, but I could still use some additional beta testing if folks have availability in the next week or so.

As flavour and / or enticement, some WIP cover art -

(Tell me if you think any of them are good!)


I don’t know how comedy the game is, but I quite like the first one.


I suppose I would describe it as “an inherently silly premise played fairly straight”.

Thank you!


I like the third image.

Is the game parser or choice-based? My brain collapses at the very sight of parser. I can push buttons and that’s the extent of my skill level. But I can do stuff with walk-throughs and I’m an excellent proofreader.



Parser, unfortunately… I’ve updated the first post to be more clear. Really appreciate it though!

I’m in a better spot for testing now – thanks to the wonderful volunteers who reached out over DM and found many things for me to fix, and someone who’s helping me with copyediting IRL. I’ll probably post here one more time once those fixes are in, to see if anyone wants to take a run through and (:crossed_fingers:) confirm that everything feels smooth.


I would be interested in running through it when the time comes.