Beta self-contained singlefile compilation of Zilf (latest source)

I’ve made an experimental build from the latest source code of Zilf. Because it’s now NET5.0 it’s possible to compile them as self-contained singlefile exe. In theory this means that you only have zilf.exe and zapf.exe as the only two files you need for ZIL compilation.

My idea is to always have the latest source compiled as a beta version. This one is version 0.10b1_210811 where the date is the date of the latest commit to the source code.

The big improvements in this version compared to the official 0.9 (from the top of my head) are:

  • Better algorithm for generating abbreviations.
  • Use “Optimal Parse” when applying abbreviations.
  • Can compile to ZIL version 7.

I’ve tested the win-x64, win-x86 (both Win10) and linux-x64 (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) version. I would be grateful if anyone are able to test one or more of the other platforms (I’ve tried the linux-arm on a Raspberry Pi, but the Pi are missing some libraries and my Linux skills fails me.).

The files are here (if anyone have any suggestion of a better way where to host binaries, please come forward!): InteractiveFiction - Google Drive

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