Beta Readers Wanted for a new Sci-Fi Mystery Game

Hello! I work for Soma Games and we have just finished the first draft of a new visual novel mystery game: The Reluctant Redemption of Verity Lux. We are seeking Beta Readers interested in a text-only playable demo of the story and willing to give us their most honest feedback and criticisms. We will be rolling out one chapter per week until the whole story has been shared.

Follow the journey of investigative Reporter Verity Lux as she get’s to the bottom of a celebrity playboy’s mysterious disappearance. Set in a world drenched in spirits, corruption, advanced AI and Cyberpunk-meets-Steampunk technology, our story is often described as Supernatural meets Blade Runner. Disclaimer: The story is aiming to hit a T rating and touches on or near some dark themes and contains some crass language and humor.

If this sounds like your Jam, please reach out! I’d love to have you aboard :slight_smile:

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Part two is now up and ready for reading in case there are any takers out there lurking :slight_smile:

Part three is now out :slight_smile:

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