Best way to go about constructing menu based combat?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has any tips or shortcuts regarding the construction of a menu-based combat system? Where the player is presented with a numbered menu of options to choose from when engaged in combat. The options would likely vary depending on the player’s skills or weapons they hold. I would like to implement an RPG-style, turn based combat system (for example, something similar to Pokemon’s combat system). What is the best way to go about this?


Well, probably this is a good extension to start with: … doc_4.html

And maybe one of these: … extension/ … oc_21.html

If you read French, Corax’s Inform menu-based combat games are absolutely amazing: … archGo.y=0

You might want to give them a look.

If you don’t read French, you can usually get Chrome to translate the online versions of IF games… though your mileage may vary. … /play.html

Hybrid Choices is my go-to for a numbered menu system which you can flip in and out of based on rules. It’s actually based on Adventure Book and uses its page/page-flipping convention. It’s surprisingly versatile - pages can manipulate the world state, and pages can be manipulated by the world state.

Menus by Wade Clarke is actually a good extension but is more intended to create extensive readme/options and help menus than “dialogue tree” type choice menus, which it sound like is what you’re wanting.