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These are the reviews that were nominated as the best Interactive Fiction Competition 2016 game review (unofficial).

UPDATE: The voting deadline is extended to November 29th.

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Review of Ash.

Review of Fallen 落葉 Leaves.

Review of Take.

Review of Toiletworld. (I)

Review of Cactus Blue Motel.

Me Who Done The Walkin’.

Review of Ventilator.

Review of Toiletworld. (II)

Review of Manlandia.

To find reviews of more games and to see what other reviewers thought of the Interactive Fiction Competition 2016 games that appear in nominated reviews, you can use the following links:

Thank yous
Thanks to the reviewers who created these reviews (and more): Billy Mays, perhapsdessert, Emily Short, Eaten by a Grue, Miseri, Jenni Polodna, Owlor.

Thanks to the nominators who selected the best reviews for this vote: Matt Bates, vlaviano, Billy Mays, Doug Orleans, adventurecow, Sprock, catacalypto, heartless zombie.

And thank you for reading!

I still haven’t played all the games, so I haven’t been reading every review (to avoid spoilers). And probably people won’t finish writing reviews until after the voting deadline. Can we extend the deadline a week or two?

I second this.

Actually extending the deadline sounds like a good idea. There are probably people (authors among them) planning to release their reviews after the comp, and reviewers who are spreading themselves out over the whole comp period and aren’t done yet.

Thanks for your interest. The rules were stated in the nomination topic.

The nominations are final. No more reviews can be nominated. If you read a good review which isn’t nominated feel free to mention it in a comment. E.g. I enjoyed reading another roundup of reviews and interviews, Five Authors and Six Games(includes The Queen’s Menagerie / Mirror and Queen, Detectiveland, Cactus Blue Motel, 16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds, Color the Truth), but, unfortunately, I only read it after the nomination deadline.

I sympathise that voters following a random shuffle may not have time to finish all the reviewed games. I will extend the Best review poll voting deadline although I can’t promise to be available after IF Comp.

The Best review poll voting deadline is extended by two weeks to November 29th. This is to allow voters time to play the reviewed games.

Thank you to whomever voted for my review, however I feel the need to warn you that it does not hold up that well after reading it several times. The game holds up great, my review for it is kind of bad though. Emily Short’s review of “Take” is world class no matter how many times you read it…