Best responses of IFComp 2011

Last year we had an enjoyable thread with our favorite responses from the comp games. We need a new one.

From Adam Le Doux’s “A Comedy of Error Messages” (a.k.a. “The Elfen Maiden”):

>read dothisnow_jan2_1999.txt
There is only one item on the todo list: “sign up for Geocities website account.”

I laughed, then I cried.

Well, to start things out:
From Cana According to Micah

[spoiler]>x plate of honeyed locusts
Honeyed locusts … this was Amos’s idea. Something he picked up from one of the slaves of a Roman household somewhere. The dish sparked off a huge discussion as to whether this particular breed of locust was clean or unclean, and then nobody – except the Rabbi and his son – dared to touch it.

eat it
(first taking the plate of honeyed locusts)
Well … even if they are technically acceptable … they don’t exactly strike you as being particularly appetising.[/spoiler]

There were a couple more lines from that game that I liked. I’ll see if I can dig them up later.

Also from Cana According to Micah, happened upon only because I’m a little too quick with the return key, and I’m carrying said item:

(the wine jug)
Where you go, so goes the wine jug.

Need a Benny Hill sound effect for that one.

Fog Convict (original version)

[spoiler]The first time these stairs come up in the game (and every subsequent time):

Brilliant get-out-of-implementation-free card.[/spoiler]

The Myothian Falcon has an awesome response for “XYZZY”! It’s not at all the run-of-the-mill joke that we often see.

It suddenly struck Vic that he had forgotten his sister Xanthe’s birthday. “Sorry Xyzzy,” he muttered under his breathe, “I’ll do better next year.” He might even have the cash to buy her present, he thought ruefully.

I thought the response to getting a particular item in Beet the Devil was pretty hilarious.

[spoiler]>get beet
Taking a careful grip, you uproot the beet. It is a round red specimen, full and healthy, and totally untouched by evil - in fact, you can see the holiness shining straight off it. This is no ordinary beet. This is a miracle beet!

God meant you to have this beet.

You’re not quite sure why yet, but you’re pretty darn sure you’ll find out.[/spoiler]