Best extension for sounds?

Back in the 6G60 days, I was using Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella. There were hints of the Damusix extension but it seems it was never released.

So now I’m using 6L38 and while Multiple Sounds appears to still work, I don’t know whether there might be issues. Is there a better sound extension now? Is Music by Daniel Stelzer better for instance?

I only need a background channel for looping sounds and two channels for SFX (one of which has to play a sound X times in a row at some moments).


I’ve only used Music by Daniel Stelzer, and it give you three channels of audio. I found that using the automatic fade between foreground/background “introduce sound of” was the best way to manage looping music and effects, reserving the midground as the one-off sound effect channel.

I don’t think it has a “repeat sound x times” function unless he’s modified it since then. I ended up just recording different sounds - like if a clock is chiming between one and twelve times, I just made twelve samples and played the appropriate one.

Well, it seems you can have a repeated sound.

I guess I can switch to Music! But I’d still like to know the differences between Music and Multiple Sounds, if any.

The underlying Glk calls certainly allow for repeated sounds, so if you’re prepared for a small amount of Inform 6 work repeats are definitely possible.

Music also implements the crossfades from Damusix to some extent. The framework is all the same as Multiple Sounds, though.

So basically, Music is exactly the same as Multiple Sounds, but with more features?

I suppose that answers my question, then! :smiley:

Thanks everybody!