Basic Conversations

I’m having trouble getting two characters to have a conversation. I think that I need to make a rule for talking and a table so that I can have multiple back and forth responses, but the inform manual doesn’t seem to help. Any help would be very appreciated!

How do you want the conversation to work? There are a number of different ways of approaching this. Perhaps a short transcript of how it would go?

The player-character would only reply yes or no to the other character who would have much richer dialogue. For example:
Computer: “Are you ready to begin Mr. Anderson?”
Player: “Yes”
Computer: “I assume you’d like me to start from the beginning?”
Player: “Yes”

In the very simplest case, where the player’s answers do not affect the NPC’s subsequent lines, e.g. if the NPC in effect goes through a questionnaire asking the same question’s in the same order whatever answers the player gives (while the game sets a number of stats accordingly or whatever), you could simply use the ready-made phrase ‘if the player consents’ (section 11.5 in the manual).