"Banana" (the "Game Help" category on IFWiki)

It looks like IFWiki has a page called “Banana”: Banana - IFWiki

It says

Bananas are a tasty kind of fruit.


  • Monkeys like bananas! Try using the banana as a bribe or a lure for them. You can try and poison the banana with something.
  • Banana peels are often depicted as slippery. Peeling a banana or eating one may yield a banana peel, which can then be used to set a trap or dropped in the path of a pursuer.

It might not be immediately obvious why ifwiki has a page about bananas. But it turns out the category description for “Game Help” explains it.

It can be funny to stumble upon pages like this by accident, when you have no idea why they are on the wiki.

But I wonder if it would help to have some kind of explanation on pages in this category? Maybe something like “This page is part of a series about solving puzzles using common in-game objects.”


looks to me like a “puzzle cookbook”… albeit very stereotypical in this case.

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I wonder if this might be a placeholder example article that comes with a wiki installation to show how pages can be created?

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No, no, as stated above it’s a general hint/advice page on the possible uses of a banana in IF !