Baf’s Guide Is Down

Does anyone know if the people maintaining Baf’s Guide know the site is down? If they know, is there someplace to find out what the status is? If they don’t, is there someone to contact?

I still get the following message:

Baf’s Guide is currently down. Please try again later.

I tried the Wayback and found the main page that gives links to the emails of David Kinder and Stephen Granade, but when I try to send a message to either, it comes back as undeliverable.

My understanding is that Baf’s is no longer maintained. It is the IF world’s abandoned amusement park. Do you go to IFDB?

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I’ve got nothing to do with Baf’s Guide - the page you found probably was referring to the fact that I’m one of the IF-Archive maintainers. Baf’s Guide is (or was) run by “Baf”, aka Carl Muckenhoupt, who owns the overall domain ( that Baf’s Guide used. As the domain itself seems to be up, as are several other pages at, I’d suggest that Carl has taken Baf’s Guide down for some reason.

Baf’s Guide hasn’t been updated for a very long time, though. For reviews, try

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I have been doing some research lately. I went back to get some more info and was surprised. I found Stephen on Twitter and contacted him. He wrote he could contact Baf and let him know.

I am not looking for reviews, I am looking for details such as release dates, file names, authors, versions, etc. I am trying to organize my collection by creating a spreadsheet data base.

Then, yes, you want IFDB. Baf’s is not going to have information for many games released in the last five years.

Most of my games are 10 years old, and I am also researching Adventure, but I will check out IFDB for new ones. :sunglasses:

When IFDB launched it had pulled all the initial data from Baf’s. IFDB has all the same data as Baf’s, plus everything that’s been updated in the last few years.