Bad CPU Type in Executable


I’m exploring TADS on a Mac. I am getting this error when trying to run the t3make command

zsh: bad CPU type in executable: t3make

I can’t run the command from from the terminal. I added to the path to the bashrc file but this didn’t make a difference.

I’m running Ventura 13.6.1 with an Intel chip.
Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

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Hmm, I’m not very savvy with the meta/OS side of things, but there are several people on here who know how to answer those types of questions…
It seems that you have an older OS though… maybe you need an older version of t3make? I’m still using a version of t3make on 10.14.2 that keeps telling me it should be updated but I’ve never done it yet.
Although, you shouldn’t have to deal with the command line directly if you use the VSCode extension for TADS…

I’m running on a M2 chip and ran into a similar problem. I used Homebrew to install the frobtads and qtads packages, and that solved the problem.

You’re using an Intel chip, but perhaps there’s a needed patch to make it run on certain newer Intel hardware? You might try Homebrew and see if that helps.


The version of FrobTADS for Mac available from is a 32-bit executable, macOS (from 10.15 onwards) doesn’t support those. You’ll need to obtain it via Homebrew or otherwise compile directly from the source repo to get a compatible executable.


Thank you all.

Up and running in minutes. Homebrew is the ticket.
Does anyone have access to update the installation instructions on