Back at it again with another unknown problem

I don’t know what it is but I keep running into problems that I can’t figure out.

I’m trying to make it so a player can’t exit back the way they came. The manual says to write “Change the [direction] exit of [room] to nowhere”

When I try to run this, I get an error report that says it couldn’t run the script because it can’t find a verb that it knows how to deal with.

Any suggestions?

Entire block of code here:

East of Atrium is a Crawlspace. 
The description of Crawlspace is "[if unvisited]You approach the crawlspace and let out a quiet sigh. After a quick stretch, you get down on your hands and knees and start going through it. It slants downwards shortly after entering, but it's so tight you don't slide around. You travel for what feels like a lifetime before suddenly it opens up. Your knee slips as you move and suddenly you find yourself falling down a slant that you didn't see. You tumble end over end, scraping yourself up pretty bad before finally rolling out onto the stone floor. You slowly stand up with a groan, dusting yourself off before assessing the damage. Your banged up pretty well, but you think you'll be find. You catch your breath for a moment before looking around. There's no way you can climb back the other way, so I guess the only choice is the slight break in the wall to the north. It's at this point you notice what sounds like whispering in the far distance.[Otherwise] You return to where you fell out of the crawlspace. There's no way you can make it back up, best to go further in for now."

Change the west exit of Crawlspace to nowhere

See 3.3. One-way connections

If we want to establish a route which cannot be retraced at all, we can specify that a particular direction leads nowhere:

East of the Debris Room is nowhere.

The problem is you can’t use “change” outside of a rule. (edit: “Change” is also deprecated - see below; use the current syntax “now [something] is [something]”) If the direction is one-way at the beginning of play you just declare it.

Map connections are assumed to be two-way by default, so you make the connection and then declare the return is “nowhere”.

Inside from Beach is Human Lobster Trap. Outside from Human Lobster Trap is nowhere.

You would use “change” or “now” in a rule if you need it to happen during play.

(something like)

After going south from the Treasure Cavern when the player encloses the fabulous idol:
    now north of Cavern Alcove is nowhere;
    say "A sudden avalanche closes off the Treasure Cavern to the north! You won't be going that way again.";

Thank you for clarifying that, I appreciate it alot. That fixed my problem,from here it should be smooth sailing

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In 8.5/6G60 and earlier, you could change the values of things with change X to Y. From 9.1/6L02 on, it had to be now X is Y.

There are some phrases remaining that are reminiscent of it::

WI 8.5:

  • change (direction) exit of (room) to (room)
  • change (direction) exit of (room) to nothing/nowhere

WI 18.33: change the text of the player's command to (text)

WI 21.10: change (list of values) to have (number) entries/entry

but these things that were defined in 8.5/6G60 are no more:

These don’t work

  • change (storage) to (value)
  • change (object) to (property)
  • change (object) to (enumerated value)
  • change the/-- player to (object)
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Thanks, I’ve updated my original message accordingly!

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