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(from the Vancouver Interactive Fiction Facebook group)

Thanks for the heads up.

perhaps it’s all for the best

in Esperanto, really? IF already has such a measly audience in english… perhaps writing in klingon or sindarin will further help?

Pudlo’s gone, namekuseijin. You don’t need to step into his shoes.

good morning to you too

Snark aside, I think you have a point. When your “thing” isn’t mainstream then targeting or niches might be a viable strategy. The authors take the risks of a reduced audience in exchange for a potentially more engaged audience.

There are more Esperanto readers than you’d think. If Luis writes a game in Esperanto, I’d play it.

As would I. People who don’t often play IF might also see it as an entertaining way to get practice with the language.

I found playing the FrenchComp games last year a worthwhile experience to brush up on my French. I know I don’t learn very well when I’m told “you need to learn this,” but put it in game form, and it helps a ton.

With Google Translate it’s that much easier to go with foreign languages.

Also I believe David Welbourn has already written something in Esperanto, so that seems useful.

Hey. Just wanted to say that I had the same IP problem. I managed to register by using a computer from the university, which is probably on a completely different network than the country’s ISPs. We don’t have that many big ISPs (and by not that many I mean like 2 or 3 for the whole country), so it looks like quite a harsh block.

We’re working with Luis Fonseca to get around this block so he can join the forum.

are you from brazil too? ótimo

perhaps they were trying to block me? :laughing: :wink: