Babel detect's Level9 Scapeghost dat as executable

I’ve been advised to ask here just in case someone has some hints about this:

babel -format GAMEDAT1.DAT on Scapeghost returns:
Format: executable (non-authoritative)

I have two copies of the game (only GAMEDAT1.DAT are different) md5sum:

a8375aa2ca595694c315cb95e92b0ced  GAMEDAT1.DAT - Identified by terp as (PC/ST)
139d1f07b33b3178ab9a93d5dc61cfac  GAMEDAT1.DAT - Identified by terp as (amiga)
6d86951023236d8a417663fb8dd1d94c  GAMEDAT2.DAT
f109218800ce4d9cd03c6b3d90e30010  GAMEDAT3.DAT

If I tar one of the DAT files will all pictures, babel will detect level9 format.

Garglk doesn’t detect the DAT correctly (but running with level9 interpreter has no problems detecting the version)

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The babel code for Level9 game files is not very clear:

I can see that it’s scanning through the entire game file looking for various patterns, but I don’t know what it’s looking for or how reliable this is.


1 part of the game should be ifid LEVEL9-017-1 so we are here

Dumping binary from 139d1f07b33b3178ab9a93d5dc61cfac is

$ xxd -b GAMEDAT1.DAT 
00000000: 10101011 10111110 10000110 00001100 10111111 01010100  .....T
00000006: 01000101 01100001 10100000 00100001 11100101 10000010  Ea.!..