Awash in prepositions

I’m not finding a way to allow for more prepositions that relate the nouns in commands. The correct preposition shows up for a verb like ‘apply’ (see code below). Example:

>apply the signet to the envelope
you stamp a sigil onto the envelope

It works with ‘apply’ but it’s not quite correct with verbs like ‘mark’ or ‘stamp’. Is it possible to add other prepositions to fit certain verbs? Example: For ‘apply’ I would like give the player more latitude and allow for variations like ‘apply the signet onto the envelope’ and for ‘stamp’: ‘stamp the signet below the sconce’ Note: For the case of verbs like ‘mark’ and ‘seal’ I’d really want to allow for reversing the nouns ‘mark the envelope with the signet’.

The signet is a thing. A sigil is a part of a signet.
Understand the commands "apply" or "mark" or "stamp" or "impress" or "seal" as "tie".
Instead of tying the signet to the second noun:
	now the sigil is part of the second noun;
	say "you stamp the [the sigil] onto [the second noun].".

The code I have so far works, but to polish the interaction further, do I have to discard the key word ‘commands’ and implement this another way (not sure yet how, but maybe involving creating a new action)?

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Yes, you probably want a new action, yes. Something like:

The signet is a thing. A sigil is a part of a signet.
Marking it with is an action applying to two carried things. 
Understand "apply [something] to/on/onto [something]" as marking it with.
Understand "mark [something] with [something]" as marking it with (with nouns reversed). 

The (with nouns reversed) allows us to switch the order in which the nouns are passed to the action rules.


As usual, Mr. Riley, you are spot on - thanks!