AVG blocks Git.exe "because it's infected with malware"

It says the “Threat name” is “Win32:Adware-gen [Adw]” and describes the “Threat type” as “Adware - This threat can display or download annoying advertising banners and pop-ups, or possibly hijack your search engine.” Should I just click the “Report as false positive” link?

I downloaded wingit-136.zip from Index of /if-archive/programming/glulx/interpreters/git

Incidentally the link at the bottom of Windows Glulxe and Windows Git is dead as it’s to the Git 1.3.5.

It’s a false positive: I had another similar report a few days ago about Windows Defender. I found I could reproduce the problem by rebuilding git from source with the Visual C++ I had installed, but no other executable I built showed any problems.

I updated my Visual C++ install to the latest version and rebuilt, which seemed to shut Windows Defender up, and updated the version of git on the IF-Archive. Possibly Cloudflare has not noted that change yet, or possibly AVG is using a slightly different pattern recognition.

Try the latest release at Releases · DavidKinder/Git · GitHub as that is definitely the rebuilt version.


AVG shows the same warning for the file from your Github account, but based on your reassurances I went ahead this time and it works well. Thank you.