Automated testing

I am looking for a text-based game development engine that has built-in automated testing. I read that ChoiceScript has this but is strongly constrained in other ways. Please does anyone know of any other engine with automated testing?


You didn’t say parser-based or choice-based. Inform has pretty good automated testing facilities for developing parser-based IF.

In choice-based, I believe ChoiceScript’s automated tests are best in its class. As far as I know, the other most popular choice-based IF platforms, including Twine and Ink, provide no automated testing facilities at all.

But Twine and Ink both generate playable web pages, so if you felt like doing the work, you could use Selenium WebDriver or Puppeteer to automatically test your game.


Thank you Dan, it is for choice-based.
I will have a look at those general web-testing tools,
but am likely to try ChoiceScript.

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I also can highly recommend the community-created IDE for ChoiceScript (CSIDE) which functions a lot like Inform7 (file management, instant compile, test, release tools) and automates the official CS testing routines.

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Thank you Hanon, I will check out CSIDE.

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