Automated Builds for Extensions and Open Source Projects?

In lieu of the “Cloak of Darkness” thread, maybe we should implement some sort of automated build process that checks each extension against the last 2 or 3 I7 builds.

David C.

I have no idea how feasible it would be, but it sounds like a good idea.

Would such a website (huge assumption on my part that it would be an online system, similar to Travis or W3C’s validator) check a regular story file against different versions of Inform 7 too?

I was thinking of how GitHub and Travis work together, yeah.

Hm. I7 can compile by command line, so that can be automated. The only other thing needed then would be a terp capable of taking machine input and outputting the transcript to file.

That’s Glulxe compiled with RemGlk. As I’ve said, this is a great combo for testing because you can distinguish between character/line/hyperlink input, main-window/status-window output, styles, etc.

Graham has some kind of testing framework for the built in stuff, and there was talk that it might eventually be released.

But if someone wants to work on it before then, they should check Kerkerkruip which already runs tests in Travis.