Auto-generating a documentation site from the FoI extensions github

I’m interested in (as the title says) generating a publicly-accessible documentation site for the extensions in the Friends of Inform extensions github. I just need to figure out what tool generates extension HTML. I’m currently exploring the Inweb github but it’s a real maze. Anyone have any insight here?

Searching “census” might help.
It’s a flag to tell inform to scan the extensions & generate the docs.

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inweb is the thing that takes literate source and makes two kinds of things with it: Woven web pages (like Inweb web page) and the Tangled executable.

The extension web page generation code isn’t standalone. Documentation renderer. But as @CrocMiam indicates, inform7 will generate it for you.

$ mkdir external
$ cd external
$ git clone
$ ln -s extensions Extensions
$ inform7 --external . --census
$ cd Documentation
$ ln -s /path/to/inform/resources/Imagery/doc_images .
$ perl -pi.bkp -e 's{inform:/doc_images}{./doc_images}g; s{inform://Extensions/Extensions}{./Extensions}g' *.html

The results of this are intended for the consumption of the IDEs, and they contain bogus inform:// URI’s. So if you open what you end up with in external/Documentation/Extensions.html in a browser, the results will be a mess. The link to doc_images above and the perl one-liner will make the links and images in Documentation/Extensions.html work ok; some more complicated transformation would be needed to make the individual extensions look ok.

I hesitate to mention it, since it’s not published or in any condition to be useful to anyone else and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it, but I already have code that does a fairly credible job of creating web pages like this. Link completely not guaranteed to stand the test of time: v10.1 extensions as of one particular version prior to release. This isn’t a transformation of the compiler’s output; it does its own lexing and syntax-highlighting. The results are messy for some tables, and the chapter/section headers aren’t highlighted right for the docs and there are doubtless other things wrong.


Well I managed to do it, but it’s not fully automated yet. My lousy hosting service doesn’t seem to support using ssh keys for sftp, which is a problem. Anyway, my cert is broken or I’d point you at the site.

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Okay, this is better: Extensions

Edit: Needs a return to index icon on each page, but other than that it seems okay.