Author needed for the multilingual JS motor

Hi everyone.

I’ve created the multilingual JS motor a couple of years ago but I’m stuck now and I need collaborators, at least one, who help me go forward.

By kunludi you can start playing in a language and switch into another language during the game, or in cooperative mode, all the players in a common game can interact with the game using different languages.

The project to-do list is still long. I’ve created several multilingual games, but the English version has always been corrected by me from machine translations and the results are poor.

The internals of kunludi are easy: json files for the static world components and messages, and js modules for the dynamic game logic. The kunludi input is not parsed text but option-based. The player must choose an item and then choose the action over it.

I would like to focus on the motor and help the authors who wanted to make a game once in English and see how it will be translated easily into Spanish and Esperanto by me, or into other languages whether translations are provided.

No more problems struggling an IF game into other languages, just translations are needed.

If you are interested, first try and please look beyond the current weaknesses. If after taking an eye you are still interested in collaborating, please be in contact with me.

My goal would be to present a good English/Spanish game to the ifcomp contest and improve the motor during the process.

Greetings and thank you for your attention,


I think you mean “engine” rather than “motor” :smiley: as in game-engine…

Can you talk more about the engine? How did multiplayer (co-op mode) work before?

Sounds cool. I had worked on an adventure game to learn English awhile back, but it was hard to turn into a business.