Author board

Ah…I feel left out. I keep hearing about a mythical Author board that feels like a party all my friends were having to which I wasn’t invited, and instead, am left sat at home watching bad romantic comedies and drinking vodka cranberries till I pass out. All by myself.

Several questions spring to mind: Where is this board? How does everyone know about it and not me? What interesting and engaging discussion have I missed? Is it still accessible? etc…

inquiring minds need to know!

Ade McT

There was an email from jmac about it early on, and I replied to gain access! Sorry to hear you missed out, but it’s still there if you can get added to the permissions list now!

So it’s even worse! It’s a party to which I was invited, but was too lazy too kick through the huge pile of unread mail on my doormat and thus never saw the invite. Net result is the same. Vodka. Romantic comedies. Hearing about all the fun everyone had.

Sorry I wasn’t able to connect with you about the board, Ade! I hope next year to be more proactive about collecting authors’ forum handles. (This was a suggestion I inherited from Sargent, but alas not among those I got round to implementing for 2014.)

For now, I’ve just added you to the board.